CULTIVAR in Schools 2

On December 16th the CATAA team was at Alcains on Eb1 with students from the 1st cycle for another day of teaching the younger ones while having fun!   They had an activity that was divided into 3 modules, the first being more directed to nutrition and healthy eating, the second module with scientific experiments and […]

CULTIVAR no webinar “The future of agriculture in the Central Region of Portugal”

On January 12th, Joana Costa, CEO of CULTIVAR presented the program integrated in ID&DT in the webinar cycle “The future of agriculture in the Central Region of Portugal” as a dynamicd by DRAPCentro. 

CULTIVAR in the Biosfera program in RTP2

Joana Costa, director of the Plant Health Laboratory of the Pedro Nunes Institute and CEO of the CULTIVAR project participated in the episode of the Biosfera program in RTP2 on January 21st and explained that the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa clogs the xylem vessels of plants and that the solution passes through slaughter.   Link: 

New scientific publication of CULTIVAR project – FLOWer Lab 

In 2021, members of FLOWer Lab sampled for 1 full year in Vale de Prazeres (Fundão) – in and around Quinta da Porta – under the CULTIVAR project and the result was the doubling of the known bee species for the Beira Interior region! It is now the 4th region with the most known species […]

New scientific publication of cultivar project – CATAA 

Another new publication under the CULTIVAR project. This time CATAA’s team has compiled current knowledge about how the diet can affect the intestinal microbiota and how it acts on lung function.   Full article available at: 

CULTIVAR at the III International Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Genetics 

CATAA was present at the III International Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Genetics (III IMSPG Évora) on June 27th and 28th of 2022. CATAA, in collaboration with The IPN Fitolab and the University of Coimbra, presented the work developed by the master’s student Rita Ramos, from the University of Beira Interior, with the title […]

CULTIVAR at the 5th National Symposium on Fruit Growing

CULTIVAR project was present at the 5th National Symposium on Fruit Culture ( that took place in Alcobaça, in the Montebelo monastery of Hotel Alcobaça, on February 9th and 10th.   Elsa Baltazar, phD student at the University of Coimbra, within the framework of the CULTIVAR project, and in collaboration with the Pedro Nunes Institute, presented […]

CULTIVAR on the walk to the source of the Côa River

On February 11th, Anabela Paula shared some of the results obtained in the CULTIVAR project with the participants of the walk carried out under the initiative aBEIRar “A raia: contraband of sciences and cultures” organized by the Municipality of Sabugal and CIM Beiras and Serra da Estrela.  As a support material, a flyer was elaborated […]

CULTIVAR nas DCV.talks da Universidade de Coimbra 

On February 13th, the researcher Ricardo Veiga Leitão participated in the DCV.talks of the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Coimbra where he presented some of the results of the evaluation of soil health in a gradient of intensity of land use that is being developed under CULTIVAR. 

CULTIVAR in the Biosfera Podcast – How to Plant a Forest 

“How to plant a forest.” Listen to the intervention of the program coordinator integrated in CULTIVAR IC&DT, Helena Freitas, in the Biosfera Podcast.  Apple Podcast  Spotify 

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