Technical Days of CULTIVAR in the RTP Telejornal

The Technical Journeys – Pollination and Pollinators in fruit trees were highlighted in the RTP Report on “The Apocalypse of Insects”. The report was broadcast on April 24th on RTP’s Telejornal, and which has the participation of the FLOWer Lab of the Centre for Functional Ecology – Science for People & the Planet, in particular the importance of pollinators for food production and consequently for human well-being. 

The filming of the FLOWer Lab took place within the scope of the Technical Days of the Cultivar – Pollination and pollinators in fruit trees that took place at the Quinta Ciência Viva das Cerejas e das Ideias (Ciência Viva) in Alcongosta (Fundão). 

Thank you very much Daniela Santiago for the interest in the research we developed at FLOWer Lab and for all the emphasis given to this very important functional group, the pollinators. 

Read more and watch the video here: https://www.rtp.pt/…/apocalipse-de-insetos-falta-de… 


Outras Notícias

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