University of Coimbra

A center of knowledge par excellence, the University of Coimbra was founded in 1290, it is one of the oldest in Europe and has been classified as World Heritage, together with the Alta da Cidade and Rua da Sofia.

Helena Freitas

PhD in Ecology


Alberto Cardoso

Graduate in Biology

Plant Biotechnology

Anabela Paula

MSc in Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management

Sustainability, Ecosystem Services, GIS

Ana Pedrosa

MSc in Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology / Molecular Biotechnology

Andreia Cação

Graduate in Anthropology

Communities, local ecological knowledge

António Portugal

PhD in Biology

Molecular Biology and Plant health

António Ribeiro Telles Costa

MSc in Contemporary History

History, Territory and Communities

António Veríssimo

PhD in Microbiology


Catarina Siopa

MSc in Ecology

Pollination Biology and Global Change

Elsa Baltazar

MSc in plant biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology

Fátima Alves

PhD in Sociology

Societies and environmental sustainability

Filipa Marques

MSc in Ecology

Ecology, Sustainability

Helena Castro

PhD in Ecology

Ecology, Agro-ecology, Pollination biology, Global change

Hugo Gaspar

MSc in Biodiversity and Plant Biotechnology

Entomology, Reproductive Biology, Pollination

Joana Costa

PhD in Microbiology

Plant Health and Microbiotics

Jorge Canhoto

PhD in Biology

Phytogenetic Resources and Biotechnology

José Paulo Sousa

PhD in Ecology

Soil ecology

João Loureiro

PhD in Biology

Cytogenetics, Ecology and plant evolution

Leonor Silva

Project Manager

Luis Cunha

PhD in Ecology

Molecular Ecology

Maria Bento

Graduate in Biology


Maria Fernanda Rollo

PhD in Contemporary History

History, Territory and Communities

Maria João Moreno

PhD in Biochemistry

Biological Chemistry

Marie Bartz

Soil Biology and Ecology (Macrofauna and Earthworms)

Soil Management and Conservation Practices

Okta Pringga

MSc in Agriculture

Agriculture and Life Cycle Analysis

Paula Castro

PhD in Ecology

Sustainability, Ecosystem Services, GIS

Sandra Caeiro

Graduate in Biotechnology

Biochemistry, Molecular biology of plants

Sandra Correia

PhD in Biology

Functional Plant Biology and Biotechnology

Sílvia Castro

PhD in Biology

Pollination Biology and Ecology and Plant Evolution

Tiago Calado

Graduate in Anthropology

Cultural Antrhopology

Tércia Lopes

MsC in Biotechnology and Plant Biodiversity


Adélia Nunes

PhD in Geography

Landscape dynamics and Ecosystem Services

Albano Figueiredo

PhD in Geography

Spatial Modeling and Natural Risks

David Branco

Graduate in Geography

Geographic Information Systems

Joel Neves

Graduate in Geography

Geographic Information Systems



CATAA – Agri-Food Technology Support Centre – acts as a center of excellence, at national and cross-border level, in technological support for the agri-food sector, in the promotion of research and development and innovation in areas of intervention in line with the priorities of companies.

Alexandra Camelo

MSc in Toxicology and Environmental Contamination

Molecular Biology and Genetic Damage

Christophe Espirito Santo

PhD in Biochemistry

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Cristina Pintado

PhD in Earth Sciences

Food Microbiology, Sensory Analysis, New Product Development

Isabel André

Project Manager

Inês Brandão

Phd in Natural Sciences

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Liliana Moreira

MSc in Organic Agriculture

Vegetable Production, Landscape Ecology

Luisa Paulo

PhD in Biomedicine

Analytical, Food Chemistry and Bromatology

Mafalda Resende

MSc in Chemical Engineering

Chemistry, Food Engineering and Technology, R&D of new products

Helena Beato

Graduate in Biological and Food Engineering, with a postgraduate degree in Innovation and Quality in Food Production

Chemistry, Microbiology


Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco

The Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (IPCB) is a public higher education institution that started its activity in 1980 and constitutes itself as a reference of confidence in the high-level qualification of citizens, in the production and dissemination of knowledge, as well as in cultural, artistic, technological and scientific training of its students in an international reference framework.

Alice Maria Marques de Almeida

PhD in Forest Engineering

Ecological Modeling

Celestino Almeida

PhD in extension and rural development

Plant Health and Molecular Biology

Celina Barroca

MSc in Plant Biodiversity and Taxonomy

Cristina Alegria

PhD in Forestry Engineering

Forest growth and production inventory and modeling

David Franco Frazão

MSc in Innovation and Quality in Food Production

Plant Biotechnology

Fernanda Delgado

PhD in Agronomic Engineering

Valorization and conservation of plant biodiversity; Aromatic and medicinal plants

José C. Gonçalves

PhD in Agricultural Engineering

João P. Carneiro

PhD of Agricultural Sciences - Agronomic Sciences

Soil Fertility, Fertilization and Environment, Plant Nutrition

Luisa Potencio

Margarida Ribeiro

PhD in Forest Genetics

Plant Breeding. Molecular genetics. Ecological Modeling.

Miguel Rodrigues Ferreira

MSc in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution

Ecological Modeling

Natália Roque

MSc in Geographic Information Systems in Agro-Forestry and Environmental Resources

Geographic Information Systems and Ecological Modeling

Paulo Fernandez

Doutor em Ciências da Engenharia do Território e Ambiente

PhD in Territorial and Environmental Engineering Sciences

Tatiana Diamantino

MSc in Biochemistry

Ecological Modeling

Teresa Coelho

PhD in Food Engineering

In vitro propagation and conservation of plant species; Aromatic and medicinal plants


Instituto Pedro Nunes

Created by the initiative of the University of Coimbra in 1991, the Pedro Nunes Institute (IPN) is a private non-profit institution that aims to promote innovation and technological transfer, establishing the link between the scientific and technological environment and the productive sector.

Aitana Ares

PhD in Biology

Bioinformatics and Plant Health

Daniela Figueira

MSc in Biotechnology

Plant Health and Molecular Biology

Eva Garcia

MSc in Organic Agriculture

Plant Health and Molecular Biology

Sara Rodrigues

MSc in Biotechnology

Plant Health and Plant Biotechnology

Adriana Nunes

MSc in Design and Multimedia

Carlos Lopes

Graduate in Computer Engineering

João Figueiredo

Graduate in Computer Engineering

Programming and Informatics

José Silva

MSc in Computer Engineering

Intelligent Systems

Mónica Ferreia

Graduate in Sociology and Economics

Pedro Sousa

MSc in Computer Engineering

Intelligent Systems

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