CULTIVAR was present at the KICAP Seminar that took place on April 27th at Epadrv Vagos (Professional and Rural Development School of Vagos) and that involved the entire community of the school, and which also had the participation of alun@s from the Conde S. Bento de Santo Tirso Agricultural Professional School and the Kold College.  

Sílvia Castro made the presentation “Biodiversity + Pollination Services in Agroecosystems” and the FLOWer Lab team was involved in the workshops on the importance of pollinators and methodologies for their monitoring. 

The KICAP project (https://kicap.eu/) is coordinated by Fundación Juana de Vega funded by the EU #IMCAP programme and aims to Encourage Knowledge and Innovation in rural areas with the help of the CAP. 

Our special thanks to Super Professor Filipe Teixeira Ribeiro for the invitation and for all the organization of a fantastic event. This was another initiative of the Internship “Bees in the Recreation” that is being developed within the scope of the Master Biological Resources, Valorization of the Territory and Sustainability of the Department of Life Sciences – UC. 


Outras Notícias

Another article of the CULTIVAR project

Another article made in CULTIVAR: Identification and morphological, molecular and genomic characterization of Monilinia fructicola in Prunus persica from Portugal.  This study was developed within

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