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Participation of CULTIVAR teams in Enertech Sabugal was highlighted in the press

The Center for Agro-Food Technological Support (CATAA) of Castelo Branco participated in the 5th edition of Enertech Sabugal – Energy Technologies Fair that took place on November 11, 12 and 13, 2021, with the presence of a stand to publicize its services and activities and a presentation by collaborator Mário Cristóvão at the conference “Ecosystem and Sustainability Services”,  promoted by the Municipality of Sabugal.

This event was attended by some researchers of the Cultivar project, namely the University of Coimbra and CATAA, the latter presented the work “Life cycle analysis and sustainability of chestnut productions – comparative study between the municipalities of Sabugal, Covilhã and Fundão” that is being developed under the Cultivar project by Okta Pringga,  Mario Cristóvão, Liliana Moreira, Alexandra Camelo, Mafalda Resende and Christophe Espírito Santo. This theme was one of the highlights of the day raising the interest of those present, being subsecutive an interview with one of the researchers of CATAA by Agência Lusa, which was later published in its channels and also in the Newspaper Terras da Beiras, and Agroportal. Learn more here:


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