A multifunctional approach to the dynamics of ecosystem services in Prunus sp. production systems

The effective functioning of ecosystems and natural capital is the basis for a steady flow of ecosystem services from nature to society. However, their structure and function are greatly affected by management practices, land use and climate change. Knowing the structural components of ecosystems, as well as their interdependence, is therefore essential for a better understanding of the functions and services that are obtained from ecosystems. This knowledge will enable the adoption of management models and practices aimed at tackling habitat degradation, biodiversity loss and genetic erosion; while identifying strategies and measures to protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of endogenous genetic resources, contributing to the resilience of the territory and responding to the challenges of 2030 and the territorial cohesion program. In this sense, the overall objective of this project is to identify and characterize the fundamental support and regulation services for cherry and cherry tree production systems in identified landscape windows in the Centro Region, thus including tasks directed towards the following objectives:

  1. Characterization and phenotypic evaluation (morphological, physiological and molecular) of previously georeferenced sour cherry and cherry tree in different production methods
  2. Ex situ conservation of local varieties of cherry and crop wild relatives through the establishment of in vitro germplasm and seed conservation.
  3. Characterization of cherry and sour cherry diseases, identification of potential environmental reservoirs, determination of the potential health impact of mixed production systems.
  4. Impact of in-crop interventions and diseases in the microbiota of cherry and sour cherry.
  5. Integration of the various layers of information on the support and regulation services associated with the production systems under analysis.

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