Platform for the promotion and sustainability of agroecosystems in low-density territories as a tool to support decision-making processes

The CULTIVAR IC&DT Integrated Program will produce multiple layers of information, the result of the various lines of investigation that compose it. Examples of these layers are the various ecosystem services associated with the endogenous genetic resources of the Central Region, with potential for recovery, as well as the monitoring of the abiotic factors that condition them. Due to their inherently interrelated nature, the layers of information generated must be analyzed and interpreted together.

To respond to this need, the Informatic and Systems Laboratory of Instituto Pedro Nunes is developing the iCultivar platform. This platform will be a technological product capable of aggregating information of different types, adequate to the objectives and characteristics of a multifactorial analysis.

The iCultivar platform will include four distinct functionalities:

      • Collection and storage of information generated by the partners of the IC&DT Cultivar integrated program, coming from the various research lines;
      • Analysis and processing of satellite images, for the generation and extraction of various parameters and indices;
      • Availability of climate data series;
      • Open and continuous availability of data collected and results obtained to interested parties, including society.

The platform will also present different views of the information through different user profiles. In this way the platform will contain a private access area and a public access area.

The private area of ​​the platform will be used as an internal working tool between the project partners, and will allow the management of the contents of the public area. On the other hand, the public access area will be responsible for making the data generated by the CULTIVAR project available to society.

This approach will allow a more efficient monitoring of the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the endogenous genetic resources of the Central region and, consequently, will allow the development of solutions to increase the productivity and/or sustainability of certain sectors.

This technology will be validated and demonstrated in selected landscape windows and will allow the aggregation of the information collected along all of CULTIVAR’s research lines.

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