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I graduated from the University of Coimbra where I completed a degree in Biology in 2018 and a master’s degree in Biodiversity and Plant Biotechnology in 2020. I developed a lot of interest in entomology and botany, with particular attention to taxonomy and ecology in the context of pollination but also to communication of science.

I am currently a senior technician through CULTIVAR at FLOWer Lab, Centre for Functional Ecology – Science for People & the Planet. My role in the project is to participate in scientific research carried out by the FLOWer lab, in particular, pollination ecology studies fundamentally associated with ecosystem service, with greater responsibility in sampling, processing and identification of insects and plants. In this context, I perform several types of techniques, highlighting the realization of plant-pollinator observations, sampling of insects with an entomological net, preparation of specimens for entomological collection and identification with a magnifying glass. 

Follow Hugo’s work at:
Ciência Vitae – F313-8484-7A1D
LinkedIn –
ORCID – 0000-0001-5448-8396
Researchgate –


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Another article made in CULTIVAR: Identification and morphological, molecular and genomic characterization of Monilinia fructicola in Prunus persica from Portugal.  This study was developed within

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