CULTIVAR on the walk to the source of the Côa River

On February 11th, Anabela Paula shared some of the results obtained in the CULTIVAR project with the participants of the walk carried out under the initiative aBEIRar “A raia: contraband of sciences and cultures” organized by the Municipality of Sabugal and CIM Beiras and Serra da Estrela. 

As a support material, a flyer was elaborated that was distributed to all participants with some of the results of the Master’s Thesis of Andreia Cação carried out under the program integrated in CULTIVAR IC&DT, namely on the evaluation and monitoring of ecosystem services relevant to endogenous genetic resources – case study linked to chestnut (Municipality of Sabugal). 

The walk was carried out in the Foios (municipality of Sabugal), more specifically in the Serra das Mesas, having visited the source of the Côa River as well as other points of natural, cultural and landscape interest. The walk was full of moments of sharing scientific and traditional knowledge, as well as stories, experiences and raianas poetry, which, like biodiversity, know no borders. 


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