CULTIVAR in the Biosfera Podcast – Diseases among Species

“Diseases among species”. Listen to the intervention of the executive director of the integrated program in IC&DT CULTUVAR, Joana Costa, in the Biosphere Podcast, where she contextualized the presence of the quarantine bacterium Xylella fastidiosa in our territory in the face of the current state of art, epidemiology and management measures applied.  

In this program it is also possible to know more about the XylOut project (https://xylout.pt/) that coordinates (Pedro Nunes Institute) together with Christophe Espirito Santo (CATAA – Association Center for Agro-Food Technological Support) and that intends to respond to some of the threats identified in the course of the work of the integrated cultivar program. 

The agroecosystem of Beira Interior is characterized by a high density of Prunus sp. genetically heterogeneous (cherry, peach and almond) where harmful organisms can coexist in the same plant, enhancing the development of highly adapted strains and/or the occurrence of co-evolution phenomena associated with the expansion and emergence of new diseases. This coexistence of phylogenically close but drastically different strains in their phenotype is a critical challenge for diagnosis. In this context, and from the network established in cultivar, the XylOut project emerged that aims to identify and characterize the novice agents present and determine the impact of diseases on the microbiota and, of extreme importance, the potential for expansion of pathogens. To this end, it will provide an ecological approach that combines metabarcoding and pathogenomics, as well as experimental data on microbial ecology, epidemiology and phytopathology.  

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