CULTIVAR at the XVI Meeting of Food Chemistry

On October 23rd-26th, 2022, the XVI Meeting of Food Chemistry took place at the Cine-Teatro de Castelo Branco, CATAA was represented with two presentations resulting from works developed in the Cultivar project.  

On the first day, the researcher Ana Catarina Martins gave an oral presentation of the work with the title “Nutritional and physicochemical analysis of quince from Cova da Beira region: similarities differences and particularities”, on the second day the researcher Mário Cristóvão presented the work “Post-harvest conservation of chestnut (cv. Martaínha), comparison of two controlled atmospheres during 60 days”. 

In addition to this congress, three posters were exhibited, a poster under the iCheese project: “How Cynara cardunculus ecotypes affect the production of Castelo Branco PDO cheese – a case study” and two, resulting from internships held at CATAA with students from the Castelo Branco Agrarian School: “Nutritional composition of omnivorous and carnivorous fresh wild fish fish from Tagus River basin” and “Nutritional assessment of fresh salted and soaked European catfish (Siluros  glanis Linnaeu, 1758)”. 


Outras Notícias

Another article of the CULTIVAR project

Another article made in CULTIVAR: Identification and morphological, molecular and genomic characterization of Monilinia fructicola in Prunus persica from Portugal.  This study was developed within

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