CULTIVAR at the III International Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Genetics 

CATAA was present at the III International Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Genetics (III IMSPG Évora) on June 27th and 28th of 2022. CATAA, in collaboration with The IPN Fitolab and the University of Coimbra, presented the work developed by the master’s student Rita Ramos, from the University of Beira Interior, with the title “Endophytic microbiomes of hosts susceptible to Xylella fastidiosa infection”, within the scope of CULTIVAR – Network of competencies for sustainable development and innovation in the Agri-Food sector. 

The Integrated Program of IC&D Cultivars aims to respond to the challenges that the ranks of the Agroalimentary sector of the Central Region face, namely to characterize, conserve and enhance regional endogenous genetic resources in low density areas, through a territorial development strategy, promoting and consolidating collaboration between science, technology and higher education institutions and the Agroalimentar cluster. Initiative co-financed by the Centre 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union through the ERDF. 


Outras Notícias

Another article of the CULTIVAR project

Another article made in CULTIVAR: Identification and morphological, molecular and genomic characterization of Monilinia fructicola in Prunus persica from Portugal.  This study was developed within

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