CULTIVAR and Municipality of Sabugal collaboration

The Municipality of Sabugal will collaborate with the Environmental Education Project SEEDS – Entrepreneurial Seeds for Sustainable Development, from the Keep Association, which aims to value the endogenous resources of Sabugal (agricultural varieties and wild species), as well as the ecosystem services provided by them.  

This project is funded by the Erasmus+ program and has the following partners: Sabugal Schools Grouping, Grouping of Gois Schools and Societat Catalana d’Educació Ambiental. 

Sabugal’s involvement in this environmental education project followed the ongoing work of the CULTIVAR project, from the Centre for Functional Ecology – Science for People & the Planet – University of Coimbra, which will also be the scientific consultant of SEEDS. 

Thus, it is intended to promote the strengthening of competencies of 8th graders, empowering them to make informed decisions, through environmentally responsible and economically viable actions, to raise awareness and contribute to mitigate the loss of Endogenous Portuguese plant species and sustainability through the creation of a school seed bank and an exhibition on agricultural practices in the two regions of the Natura 2000 Network in central Portugal. 


Outras Notícias

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