Greensavers Interviews – Joana Costa and Sílvia Castro

Joana Costa, CEO of Cultivar, and Sílvia Castro, researcher at CULTIVAR, were interviewed, together with Teresa Ferreira, by Greensavers on agricultural sustainability.  Know everything in the last printed edition of Greensavers, to whom we thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to address such an important and relevant theme in the context of the […]

Transfer of Knowledge | Postharvest conservation of chestnut

On December 7th, the knowledge transfer session took place | Postharvest conservation of chestnut under the Cultivar project.  The producers who came to this session in addition to the presentation of Engineer Mário, also knew the laboratory of Physical Chemistry and the Laboratory of Sensory Analysis.  Finally, they also tasted the chestnuts preserved in CATAA.  […]

Master’s Dissertation – Inês Leão

On December 2nd, Inês Leão defended his Master’s thesis entitled “Effect of green infrastructure on pollinators and pollination in almond orchards”. The defense was met with the conviction of Elisabete Figueiredo of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia!  Developed under the Cultivar project and the Operation Pollinator initiative, this Dissertation of the Master’s Degree in Applied […]

CULTIVAR at the III National Symposium on Dried Fruits

The Cultivar project was present at the “III National Symposium of Dried Fruits” which took place in the auditorium of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve (DRAP Algarve) from November 14th to 16th.   The researcher Vanessa Vasconcelos presented the work on the Nutritional Analysis of 16 varieties of Hazelnut from Colonia […]

NMS recruits volunteers for clinical study under CULTIVAR 

We are recruiting volunteers for two clinical nutritional studies for the incorporation of strawberry tree or chestnut in the diet and to know the effect on health and intestinal microbiota.   This work is in collaboration with NOVA Medical School – Faculty of Medical Sciences under the F4F project – Forest For Future and Cultivar, both […]

CULTIVAR in Schools

In partnership with the Municipality of Sabugal, the Environmental Education Project SEEDS – Entrepreneurial Seeds for Sustainable Development, of the Keep Association, is being promoted with the students of the 8th year of the Sabugal School Grouping.  In this context, on November 7th, the workshop ‘Edible wild plants and ecosystem services linked to their recollection’ […]

Our Coordinator was distinguished

Last November 9th, Professor Helena Freitas, coordinator of Cultivar, received the Award Portugal Inspiring – Personality, in the Sustainability category. 

CULTIVAR at the Trancoso Chestnut Fair

On the weekend of November 4th to 6th we were at the Chestnut Fair and autumn palates in Trancoso with a stand and two technical presentations on conservation and nutritional value of the Chestnut, within the framework of the Cultivar project: “Application of modified atmospheres in the post harvest conservation of the chestnut (cv. Martainha)” […]

CULTIVAR at the XVI Meeting of Food Chemistry

On October 23rd-26th, 2022, the XVI Meeting of Food Chemistry took place at the Cine-Teatro de Castelo Branco, CATAA was represented with two presentations resulting from works developed in the Cultivar project.   On the first day, the researcher Ana Catarina Martins gave an oral presentation of the work with the title “Nutritional and physicochemical analysis […]

CULTIVAR at the 9th National Forestry Congress

From October 10th to 14th, Cultivar project was very well represented in the 9th National Forest Congress (Sustainability of the Portuguese forest: to value, a collective challenge), which took place in Funchal.  With the presence of Maria Margarida Ribeiro and Alice Almeida of IPCB – Politécnico de Castelo Branco, the following oral communications were made:  […]

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